Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~sleepy day~

yoyo......sleepy day...last nite too late sleep make me not
enough sleep luckily i'm not fishing in the office...
029hoho...btw...after start training..
working life seems so boring and meaningless for me...
everyday wake up in the morning n back at 6pm...reach home i still
left 4-5hours to do my own personal things..time is not enough!!
i wan my school life back........but maybe when i step back to campus
life..i will act in the other way round....maybe myself too lazy...
am i going to be hardworking?who knows? haha....
even myself also never don say u know wat i'm goin to be..
it's wed AGAIN!!! guess wat?!! PASAR MLM is here!!! hoho.....'s been a long time 054i dream to explore the longest
pasar mlm but so far..i only manage to buy food in a short limited
time.... cos my friend is rushing till now i'm still waiting for
other friend and of course my dear accompany me walk for
few hours taste the food..look forward to the baju....the accessories
and much much more so we can slowly enjoy the wed pasar mlm day....
wow my sis coming..can go lo....084

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

~funny thingy~

huhu~~today supposingly i am going to hav lunch with my friend
but he went out work so i tapao and enjoy my lunch and
hot tea in front of comp while reading my friend's blog..
i'm quite enjoy reading and admire the humours n the tactics
she using when writing her interesting as i read everything
from A-Z....her english is very only realize my eng
is so damn lousy...hahaha.......after meals..
i start cleaning all the rubbish in the plastic bag..
OMG!...funny things happened..i nearly throw the dirty tissue
in my hot tea!!! wuah!!!! luckily i 'm back to concious..if not my tea
will be topping up with bunch of tissue..wakaka...maybe u won be
laughing when reading..but when u gone through this happening
then you will think urself stupid..wakakaka..hrmm..
it's me right now...061

Friday, August 8, 2008

~life is too short to waste time hating anyone~

Oooo...thanks to blue winter...ur words really make up my mood
to continue my just too busy to write..some will say this
is just an excuse..but pls..there's no lie on my words..
i treat heart to heart to my friends...hihi... should be my another busy day..but i still got the
strong feel to write smt in is to enjoy...
half an hour ago..i came across with one mail..very interesting~
quoted : "life is too short to waste time hating anyone"..
is truth..i'm very pleased that i am an optimistic kind of person...
if u know me..definitely u will see i am smiling everyday..wakaka..
but sometimes person tat make me hated them..can never cure..
IF they did smt that against me...hoho...i will dun like them..
but never hate them till cant forgive...i'm a very easy forgiving ppl
but nowadays i'm so easy lost my tempered and become impatient
so these are the things for me to correct for the moment...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

~yellowish screen~

hrmm...last 2days my company computer screen
suddenly turn yellow...really duno wat happen..
after tried many things..the result are still the same..
so finally i give up and email to my downstairs little boss
to inform him about it..some funny conversation between us
happen and now only notice he so funny and did jokes...
his daily expression cheated me..wakaka
never think of such serious face will joke also...
hehe...interpret wrongly's ady one month
working here and so..i am glad that i not yet get scold neither
by big boss nor little boss..hrmm..quite happy working here la..
salary also much higher but still cant cover my monthly expenses
and also have to waste more on petrol than anything....
still not yet get into life of training...*yawn*
late sleep & lack of sleep keep me yawning n felt sleepy in office..
after start training i tell myself to study harder..dun wan working...
dun like working life..but also hate study...wat should i do??
we never know the future...but i know...
i will never survive in working.. wakakaka...lame

Monday, July 7, 2008

~ABC day~

hrmm...more to chinese 7 is unlucky number...
but nowadays...i advise my friend....don too care about it..
it's just a 07/07 nice come my
blog to write down free like hell...nth to do till i have
to keep waiting for new last there's a task...
folding letter n glue's just easy as ABC..wakaka...
so relax and i took 1hour to settle it...although easy but still
need to do many things...not just letter..
but hav to write down and prepared the cert for posting all..
hrmm..too complicated to say but quite easy to do..
hoho~today just lame around~
one month pass...i still left 11weeks for my training..huhu~

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

~ working life~

training started and itz now 2nd week..hmm..
today extremely free...haha..till now not yet have
a proper longer task for me to do..feel sienz...
got work i say work i also say fainted..
really duno wat i going to do now...too free also sien oo.. friends on9 also..sometimes nth to chat also..
life isn't easy...but today too free..
definitely i will feel a bit funny if everyday also free..
duno other friends working outside will face the same prob o not
this office so cold..everyday feel freezing..'gegegegge'
hmm..dun like working i know wat is working means
*working = tired + sleepy + stress*
hoho...tats why i hate working..can earn money but make
ourself tired..heard tat sat also need to work..
omg..another tiring day >_<

Saturday, June 7, 2008


2/6/08 开始我的第一天工作。。
哈哈。。我身体的小虫--猪猪 一直喊我。。叫我睡觉!!